Pricing and account types

There are 5 types of Web-Stat accounts :

  • Free trial: equivalent to a premium account, except that it will only work for 30 days. At (or before) the end of this period the trial account will need to be registered (i.e. converted to one of the paying versions) for traffic analysis to continue.

  • Basic account at $5.00 per month: it will tell you everything you need to know about your incoming traffic (entrance page, referrers, repeat vs. first time traffic, domain, IP, equipment used, geo-location, world maps, etc.). A Basic account keeps 100 lines of individual visitors data available.

  • Plus account at $7.50 per month: all of the above, plus will verify that your site is up and accessible 24 hours a day and send you an email or a text messages as soon as a problem is detected. It will also measure the time it takes to establish a connection to your server and keep a record of that information. A Plus account keeps 500 lines of individual visitors data available.

  • Premium account at $9.50 per month: all of the above, plus will measure visitors behavior inside your site. You will get page views information (including average duration of stay on each page), average click-paths, click-paths of individual visitors, bounce rates, and a conversion tracker. A Premium account keeps 1,000 lines of individual visitors data available.

    A premium account will also give you a connection counter, the ability to monitor file downloads with event tracking and to customize your content according to your visitor's geographical location with geo customizing

  • High-traffic accounts: all our accounts have a default capacity of 100,000 page views per month (more than enough for 96% of web sites). If you need to go above this limit you will need to upgrade to our metered traffic plan, which costs $0.09 per month per block of 1,000 page views above the first 100,000

Payment: we accept credit cards, Paypal, checks and money orders.

Cancellation: your account can be canceled at any time, no questions asked, with a simple email. Please see our cancellation policy for details.