Live analytics for your web site
Know your visitors
& Grow your site
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Get clear and concise reports
to understand your traffic & boost your site!
With clear & concise reports
To help you optimize your site!
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Watch visitors interact with your site
Add Web-Stat
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Add Web-Stat to your site
Watch visitors
using your pages, LIVE
& Grow
your website!

Live Analytics for Your Website

Observe your visitors in real time as they interact with your site
& optimize your landing pages and navigation

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Get to Know Your Visitors
Beautiful, user-friendly reports to help you
• Better understand your traffic
• Improve your website
No More Downtime
No More Downtime
Automated alerts via SMS or email if your site goes down
Precise & Bug-free
Precise & Bug-free
We constantly review the data we collect to make sure that it is accurate
Track ALL Your Visitors
Track ALL Your Visitors
Tracks activity inside your website, including downloads or clicks to outside locations
Detects All Visitors, All Websites
Detects All Visitors, All Websites
Measures activity on all operating systems & browsers. Javascript enabled browser not required
Easy to Use Dashboard
Easy to Use Dashboard
Data that is clear, easy to understand and well organized
Quick, Full Support
Quick, Full Support
Personalized support if you need it. We'll even help with installation