User ID Tracking

Observe your users after they log into your website

What is it?

When people navigate your website they are usually anonymous. However, if you have a site in which people log in, then you know who your visitor is by his user ID. Web-Stat offers you a way to tie your traffic stats to that user ID, so that you can know what individual clients/users are doing on your website.

What do I get?

Once user ID tracking is set up, the live visitors report will show the user IDs of your visitors:

Click on 'isolate' under the user ID to see all this person's interactions with your web site:

Get a monthly summary on all your users, with the number of visits, the number of pages viewed and the time spent on your site:

How do I start?

We assume that your pages are dynamically generated by a server-side script. This is normally the case for sites on which user identification (log in) is required.

We also assume that your account is at the Premium level. If it is not, you can upgrade here.

To implement user ID tracking, you need to use the Advanced version of the Web-Stat code. The 'Advanced' code is just like the 'Standard' code except it is a bit longer and offers some customization options. Adding it is a simple copy/paste operation, just like for the 'Standard' code you already installed.

The 'Advanced' code for your account is available here.

One of the parameters available for customization is the 'user_id' parameter. When you output the code onto your page for which the user has logged in, capture the user ID and have your script insert it between the two single quotes for that parameter. Please see below.

That's it, you are done! As always, feel free to contact us if you need help or have questions.