Web-Stat Uptime Monitoring Reports

Monitor your site uptime and connect time

Is your site online? Does it stay online? What happens if it goes down?

Web-Stat's Uptime Monitoring gives you peace of mind: it checks that your site is available every 15 minutes (30 minutes for 'plus' accounts), and if it detects a problem, it immediately sends you a warning email, as well as a text message on your cell phone (if you configure that option). You can then immediately take the necessary steps to restore service to your visitors and your clients.

Uptime Monitoring also allows you to be proactive: not only do we verify that your site is up and running smoothly, we also measure the time it takes to establish a connection and graph that information over time. If you see that your connection time is slowly creeping up, chances are that the load on your server is getting too high and that actual downtime may be just around the corner. Necessary adjustments to your server or hosting can then be made before serious problems occur.

The Uptime Monitoring reports are as follows:

Note that you can change the URL being monitored, the email address or the phone number to which the alert messages are sent by using the Settings Panel.