Revenue sharing program for web professionals

Recommend us to your clients and we'll share the revenues with you

If you are a web designer, a web host, or an SEO company, you have clients in need of traffic analysis for their own sites. As such you routinely advise them on that topic and send them to web stats packages which you feel will meet their needs.

Why recommend free stats packages with no benefits to you when a professional product like Web-Stat will more than exceed your customer's expectations and at the same time allow you to generate consequent income from your recommendation?

Why should I recommend Web-Stat ?

There are five reasons why you should consider Web-Stat for your clients:

  1. Web-Stat is a paying program. At first glance this may not sound like an advantage, but think about it: why should you send your clients to a free stats program with no monetary rewards of any kind for your company?

    Instead suggest Web-Stat to your clients and share in the revenues generated.

  2. Web-Stat is a great stats program, complete, easy to use, easy to understand. The stats are live, detailed and accurate. Your clients will be happy with your recommendation. [ comparison chart ] [ sample stats ]

  3. Web-Stat is a third-party, independent from Google, which means that it can safely be used to monitor the results of Google Adwords campaigns (it does not make sense to use Google Analytics to measure the results of a Google Adwords campaign: the same company can not both sell the ads and measure their return).

  4. Web-Stat is a reliable partner. We have been around since 1998 and are one of the earliest web stats company on the market. Today we monitor about 120,000 web sites worldwide. Our infrastructure is responsive and state-of-the-art.

  5. Web-Stat can be setup as a White Label stats resource, meaning that we can display the stats to your clients under your logo, your color codes, and even your own domain name. [ more ]

Web-Stat provides you with a great way to generate additional income. We take care of everything: the headaches, programming, server maintenance and user support are for us and we'll share up to 50% of the money we make with you. All you have to do is recommend our service to your clients !

How much will I earn ?

Your revenue sharing percentage will be a function of how many paying clients you have sent to us.

Number of paying accounts referredRevenue sharing
0 to 1010%
11 to 2020%
21 to 4030%
41 to 6040%
61 and over50%

The best way to demonstrate the profit potential of the profit sharing/affiliate program is to take an example:

Imagine that you send us 90 visitors in the first month ; 52 of them create a free trial account and 38 end up paying for a permanent account (for an average value of $9.50 per month). You will earn each month $9.50 * 38 * 30% = $108.30

If the next month, you send us the same amount of visitors, you will end up with 76 registered users, which means that your monthly income increases to $9.50 * 76 * 50% = $361.00

If you continue sending us 90 visitors per month for 6 months we get the following figures :

month # number of accounts your recurring revenue
138$ 108.30 per month
276$ 361.00 per month
3114$ 541.50 per month
4152$ 722.00 per month
5190$ 902.50 per month
6228$ 1,083.00 per month

Note that these numbers are not a one time payment, but a monthly revenue, and your monthly income rises with time: all you have to do is keep sending us visitors!

What do I need to do ?

It all depends on whether or not you bill your clients on a regular basis for your services.

If you bill your clients on a regular basis

This is the simplest case since you don't even need to sign-up for our affiliate program. For each new client :

  1. advise the client to use Web-Stat to monitor his traffic.

  2. create a Web-Stat account in your own name from our site (you can create free trials if you want to so that the client can sample the service, or go directly to a paying account)

  3. create a guest password for the account so that the client can access his stats (your own admin password should not be communicated)

  4. install the account on the client's site and tell him where to access his stats

  5. bill the client for the stats service at our base price

In this case you will be the account's owner and we will charge you our base fee for our service. However since you will own several accounts with us (one for each one of your clients) you will get a quantity discount of up to 50% (see details here) thus allowing you to generate a profit.

In this situation, we are essentially splitting our revenues with you (at a 50/50 ratio once you reach the 50% quantity discount level). We take care of all the technical aspects (servers, programming, development, reliability) and of the technical support. You have nothing to do whatsoever, except recommending our service to your clients.

We can also setup Web-Stat as a White Label stats resource, meaning that we can display the stats to your clients under your logo, your color codes, and even your own domain name. [ more ]

If you do not bill your clients on a regular basis

In this case you can not charge your clients directly for the use of Web-Stat. Instead you will simply recommend our service and send the client to our site. The client will then purchase from us and we will pay you a recurring commission each month based on the revenues generated by the clients you sent.

For this to happen, you'll need to sign-up with our Affiliate program ; we will then give you your affiliate URL which you will use to send potential clients to Web-Stat. When people enter our site using this URL we will permanently tag them as having been referred by you. If they end-up subscribing to our service (even if this happens weeks after their first visit), we will share with you the revenues we collect from them.

Each month we will send you an email summary of your affiliate account listing the total revenues generated by your referrals, your profit sharing percentage and the balance of your account. You can then request a payment, either by check or via Paypal (providing that your balance is greater than $50.00, otherwise, the money will accumulate into your account until it reaches that value).

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