Why choose Web-Stat?

Because you need traffic data that is accurate, complete and easy to use!

What makes Web-Stat unique?

  • Professional traffic analysis package with guaranteed uptime and reliability.

  • Extremely precise and bug-free. We have been in continuous operations since 1996 and we constantly review the data we collect to make sure that it is accurate. This allows us to measure ALL your visitor's activity with close to 100% precision.

  • Easy and simple: we don't drown you in irrelevant data and throw at you everything that can possibly be measured, just because we can. We only show information that is important and relevant. You won't need an engineering degree to make sense of your stats!

  • Full support. We'll help you install, we'll fix any problems you might run into, we'll answer your questions, and we'll help you understand the data we are collecting for you, if you need us to.

  • Works on all sites and detects all visitors. Unlike other analytics systems, we do not require that your visitors use a JavaScript-enabled browser. It does not matter who your visitor is and what kind of browser or operating system he uses: if he comes to your site we will detect him and measure his activity.

  • Independent company not affiliated with Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. As such we can track the results of your Google Adwords, Yahoo PPC or other advertising campaigns objectively and with no conflicts of interest.

  • Your data stays private. Web-Stat does not supply any of your data to third parties or use it for purposes unknown to you. If you use Web-Stat you remain anonymous and your data belongs to you and only you.

  • More precise than server logs. Web-Stat's data is not derived from your server logs which makes it more precise than traffic stats supplied by your host which tend to overestimate your traffic [ more ]

  • No cookies. If you have a Premium account, and if you select the 'COOKIELESS TRACKING' option in the Settings Panel, Web-Stat will not write any cookies as part of its analytics. Under this mode, we will not add any cookies to your visitors' browsers.

Quick overview of the unique features offered by Web-Stat:

Features comparison Analytics Others Web-Stat
Live, up-to-the-second stats [ ? ] no no yes
Cookieless analytics no no yes
Show details of individual visitors no some yes
Precisely measures duration of visits estimated no yes
Full person-to-person support no some yes
Individual visitors click-paths and conversions no some yes
Measure all your referrals yes some yes
Measure your conversions yes some yes
Get an email alert with new visits (optional) no no yes
Get an email alert when you get a conversion no no yes
Monitor file downloads [ ? ] no no yes
Monitor clicks to outside sites [ ? ] no no yes
Completely invisible [ ? ] yes some yes
Text or GIF Counter available [ ? ] no some yes
Connection Counter available [ ? ] no no yes
Get an alert if your site goes off-line [ verifies that your site is online and accessible to your visitors. If it succeeds it will measure the amount of time it takes to establish the connection and record it in your stats ; if it fails it will send a warning to your email and your cell phone. Note that the Watchdog only attempts a connection without actually loading your page so it does not put any strain on your server.',CELLPAD, 10,CAPTION,'  We make sure your site is up  ');" onmouseout="return nd();">? ] no no yes
Geo-customize your site's content in real time [ Geo-customizing allows you to display customized content to your visitors based on their location. For instance you can use Web-Stat to automatically show a visitor from Texas a web page designed specifically for his state, while a visitor from California or from another state would see a different version of the page.

You can also use this tool to block access to your site for people from a certain country, state, or city, thus cutting down SPAM and unwanted access.',CELLPAD, 10,CAPTION,'  Create geo-dependant content  ');" onmouseout="return nd();">?
no no yes
Your data is confidential no some yes
Independent from Adwords (*) [ ? ] no yes yes

(*) if you advertise with Google Adwords, you should not use Analytics to measure the results of your campaigns. You don't want the same company to both sell you the adverts and measure their return. Web-Stat is an independent third party and can do that analysis for you without conflict of interest.

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