Track your conversions

Conversion tracking allows you to isolate visits that reach certain pages in your site. You are basically saying 'if a visitor reaches this particular page, let me know and make this visit stand out in the stats'. You can track different types of events: we provide up to 5 different conversion trackers.

For example: you could have a conversion of type 1 when a visitor uses your 'contact us' form, a conversion of type 2 when a visitor signs-up for your newsletter and finally a conversion of type 3 if the visitor reaches the sale confirmation page.

Web-Stat can track up to 5 types of conversion (for instance newsletter signups, requests for information and sales can all be tracked separately). Use the conversion table to tell us which conversion type you wish to associate with each page. You can also opt to receive an automated email each time a conversion of a certain type is detected on your site (see 'conversion emails' in the 'my Stats by Mail' section to set up)