Time-On-Site over time

accurate measurements of your visitor's time-on-site

Traditional traffic analysis systems are only able to measure the time elapsed between subsequent clicks on your site. This gives you the time spent on all pages of a visit, EXCEPT for the last page visited. As a result, the total duration of a visit can not be measured. It may be estimated but it is never measured accurately.

Web-Stat has designed a system that allows for precise measurement of this metric. We do this by pinging the visitor at regular intervals, checking whether he still has your page opened in his browser or not. This gives us an accurate measurement of the time visitors spend on your site. You can then study the level of engagement of your public, over time, per referrer, per entrance page, etc.

Of course we also measure the time spent on all individual pages. You can see this in the details of recent visitors report, the click-paths report and the page views report.

Note that in some cases your page may remain opened on a browser tab and forgotten in the background for days. Technically it is still opened and answering our pings, but if we see no activity at all after 30 minutes, we consider that the page has been closed and that the visit has ended.

The time-on-site metric is essential to your traffic analysis.

All our time charts have the following features:

  • charts can be exported in different formats (Image file, Excel)

  • charts can be printed

  • charts can be emailed

  • you can schedule any chart to be emailed to you automatically at regular intervals

  • you can embed a live version of any chart into your own web site

  • you can bookmark a quick link to any chart. A quick link allows you to see the chart directly without any need to log in. Use it for yourself or to share the chart with a third party.