Displaying a counter

In standard mode Web-Stat will work invisibly on your page so that it does not disrupt your layout. However in some cases webmasters want to show the visitors count on their pages and for that purpose they need a visible counter.

Choosing 'Yes' for this setting will cause a counter to appear on your pages at the place where the Web-Stat code has been installed. The counter will always show the total number of visits recorded in your account (so its value will be the same on all pages).

Showing the counter on a single page :

You may wish to display the counter on one page only while leaving it invisible on the rest of your site : in this case, set the 'visible counter' setting to 'Yes', choose all your settings (counter style, border, border color, initial counter value) then set it back to 'No' and submit. No counter will be displayed anywhere.

At this stage, edit the Web-Stat code on the page where you want the counter to appear, replace it with the advanced version of the code, and replace the line that says var invisible='#'; with var invisible='no';. This will supersede the Control Panel setting and force the selected counter to appear on this page only.

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