Page views per day

This graph shows the daily [ page views ] on your site over a time period of your choice (30 days by default). You can change that period by selecting a different date range from the top of the page.

Each bar represents one day, and the bar's height represents the total number of [ page views ] on your site during that day (the exact number can be read at the bottom of each bar or by hovering your mouse over the bar).

Note that Saturdays and Sundays are represented by slightly lighter colored bars

A page view is recorded every time one of your pages with the Web-Stat code on it is loaded or reloaded. For that reason the number of page views is always greater than the number of unique visitors.

Example : a unique visitor arriving on your entry page, going to a second page, going back to your main page and then off to a third page will be recorded as :

  • one visitor session
  • 4 page views

If the period you are looking at is greater than 60 days, a red line will appear superimposed to the graph. It represents the 28-day rolling average of your daily page views. Since it smoothes out the daily variations it gives you a better idea of your long-term traffic trends.