Search engine keywords

This report lists the keywords that people use to find your site in each of the search engines that are currently sending you traffic. The results can be displayed in two ways:

  • grouped by keyword, regardless of the search engine.
  • grouped by search engines, then by keywords

Important Notes :

  • Referrers and keywords detection will not work if you are using the simplified version of the Web-Stat code. The standard or advanced version is required.

  • If you think that referrer and keywords tracking is not working properly on your site (for instance if all referrers or keywords appear blank), please read this document for troubleshooting help.

  • You can gather an amazing amount of information with Web-Stat referrer tracking. Measuring the return of pay-per-click, email or banner advertisement campaigns is a popular example and can be achieved easily if you properly configure your account. Please click here for additional information on this topic.