Bounce rate per week report

The bounce rate reflects the quality of your traffic as well as the quality of your home page, and their adequation. It measures the percentage of people who come to your website and leave right away after seeing no more than one page

The weekly bounce rate for your web site is an important metric that represents two things :

  • The adequation of your traffic with your site's content : when people are finding you, is your site what they were looking for ? For instance if you sell 'paints and art supplies' and people find you while looking for 'house painting', you may get a lot of traffic, but none of these visitors will buy anything from you and your bounce rate will be very high. When refining your referencing strategy, looking at the overall traffic is good, but keeping an eye on the bounce rate is also very important.

  • The ability of your site to capture people's interest on the first page : assuming that people find you for the right reason, does your home page do a good job of capturing their interest and make them click further into the site ? The bounce rate will tell you. Have you made changes to your site recently ? If your bounce rate goes down afterwards it's a sure way to confirm that the changes are having a positive impact and that your site is better at retaining visitors.

In this report, each bar represents one week, and the bar's height represents the total bounce rate on your site during that week over a time period of your choice (you can change that period by selecting a different date range from the top of the page).