Conversion Tracking

Isolate visitors who perform specific actions

Web-Stat can track and isolate those of your visitors who reach certain designated pages on your site: the conversion pages.

A conversion page is a page on which you are trying to drive traffic: for instance a subscription confirmation page, or a sale confirmation page. The goal of your site is to take visitors in, and guide them through until they ultimately convert. A conversion is recorded when the visitor reaches the conversion page.

Once you have designated which pages are conversion pages (see below) we will keep track of all the conversions for you automatically, you will then be able to see not only which referrers bring traffic to your site, but more importantly, using the 'conversions' report, which referrers bring conversions to your site.

You can also see individual conversions in the Live Visitors report, which lists all your recent visitors in real-time. All converted visitor have their 'status' column highlighted with a color specific to the type of conversion. You can also use filters in this report to display only the visitors who converted.

Please read below for instructions on how to implement Conversion Tracking onto your site.

Setting up Web-Stat conversion tracking on your site

Conversion tracking requires that you specify the conversion page that a visitor must reach in order to generate a conversion (for instance a sale confirmation page). You can make any page a conversion page as follows:

  • Go to your Wix editor

  • Click on the Web-Stat app, then on 'Settings'

  • In the Settings Panel, scroll down to 'Track Conversions' and open.

  • A list of all your site's pages is displayed. Next to each page is a scroll box allowing you to choose a certain conversion type for that particular page

  • Setup all your conversions as needed by selecting a conversion number for each page

Once that is done, all the different conversions will be tracked automatically.