What is my IP number?

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Your IP number: (IPv4)

Above is the IP number assigned to the device you are using right now. Note that this number may change in time (for instance if you disconnect then reconnect your router or modem). Usually the IP number belongs to your ISP, which attributes it to you when you connect to their network. When you disconnect, the IP number is freed and may be assigned later to a different customer.

IP is an acronym that stands for 'Internet Protocol'. This protocol establishes rules for computers to send an receive information over Internet. An IP number is a code assigned to any device wanting to communicate with other devices using the Internet Protocol (in the same way a phone number is assigned to devices - phones - that want to talk to each other using the phone system).

Typically an IPv4 IP number is represented as a set of four numbers between 0 and 255. The address is written with these four numbers separated by dots. IPv4 is the old format for IPs. As more and more devices come online, the world was running out of IPv4 combinations, so we moved to a new format called IPv6, which is a series of hexadecimal numbers separated by columns. For instance '' is an IPv4 number and '2600:1700:2d60:e2f0:199c:c5ba:78d0:d852' is the same IP in IP v6 format.