Traffic per day of the week

See how your traffic evolves over a typical week

These graphs show what share of your weekly traffic is received for each day of the week. You can use this information to find out, for instance, what your slowest days are in terms of visits, page views, conversions, etc. and arrange to do site maintenance on these days. Or you can see what days are best for conversions and run promotions at that time.

All our charts have the following features:

  • you can add or remove series from the display by clicking on the series name in the legend

  • charts can be exported in different formats (PNG, PDF, Excel)

  • charts can be printed

  • charts can be emailed

  • you can schedule any chart to be emailed to you automatically at regular intervals

  • you can embed a live version of any chart into your own web site

  • you can bookmark a quick link to any chart. A quick link allows you to see the chart directly without any need to log in. Use it for yourself or to share the chart with a third party.