Visits over time

visits by first time visitors

This graph shows the traffic on your site over time for first time visitors. The unit is 'visits'. The data can be grouped by month if you wish to (use this option in the top page menu)

A 'first time visitor' is someone who has never been to your site before

A 'repeat visitor' is someone who has already been to your site at some point in the past (one hour ago, one week ago or one month ago: there is no time limit).

We also show in the background the total visits for the same time period.

A 'visit' or 'session' is started when a visitor opens your site in a browser. It is terminated when that same visitor (defined by an IP address or a cookie) has been inactive for more than 30 minutes.

If the visitor comes back to your site after more than 30 minutes, a new visit is counted.

Any hit detected after a visit has already started is counted as a 'page view'.

Note that we rely on cookies to recognize repeat visitors. This means that if visitors reset their cookies then come back to your pages, we will have no way of recognizing them and will present them (erroneously) as first time visitors

All our time charts have the following features:

  • charts can be exported in different formats (Image file, Excel)

  • charts can be printed

  • charts can be emailed

  • you can schedule any chart to be emailed to you automatically at regular intervals

  • you can embed a live version of any chart into your own web site

  • you can bookmark a quick link to any chart. A quick link allows you to see the chart directly without any need to log in. Use it for yourself or to share the chart with a third party.