Regroup your referrers

and make your stats easier to read

Web-Stat referrer tracking will identify each referrer to your site individually. For instance, google.com and google.co.uk are considered two separate referrers, however, since they are related you may want to regroup these two referrers under a common heading, for instance 'Google'.

You can accomplish this easily from the Settings Panel. Simply go to the 'Referrer Tracking' section, enter in the first column a character string that is common to all the referrers which you want to regroup and in the second column the name of the group.

Example 1:

you want to regroup under the heading Google visits coming from google.com, google.ca, google.uk, google.yahoo.com, directory.google.com, etc.

String to match : google.
Regroup under : Google

Example 2:

Suppose that you have 3 email campaigns directing traffic to:

Web-Stat will keep track of the referrals generated by each campaign separately. If you want to see the result of all your email campaigns regrouped as Email Campaigns, simply enter :

String to match : my_email
Regroup under : Email Campaigns


the order in which the 'strings to match' appear in the table above is important. A referrer's URL will be compared with each string one after another. As soon as a match is found the referrer is attributed to the group corresponding to the matching string.

Example : you want 'google.com' and 'google.ca' to be regrouped under 'Google' and 'google.yahoo.com' and 'search.yahoo.com' to be regrouped under 'Yahoo'. You would enter the following in the table :

String to match : yahoo
Regroup under : Yahoo

String to match : google
Regroup under : Google

'google.yahoo.com' matches on the first line and is therefore attributed to Yahoo. If the lines had been reversed it would have been attributed wrongly to 'Google'.