Naming pages in your stats

make your stats easier to read

Some of your stats reports refer to specific pages inside your site ; for instance the 'page views' report or the 'click-paths' report list all your pages. In order for Web-Stat to present your data clearly, we need to know how you wish to refer to your pages. There are three possibilities :

  1. By URL : this is the default. In this case we record the page's URL ( and use this in your stats.

  2. Manually : if you use the advanced version of the Web-Stat tracking code, you can manually specify a page name by editing the var page_name='#'; line on the page in question. For instance if on a given page you replaced :

    var page_name='#';

    with :

    var page_name='support_main';

    that page would be referred to as support_main in the stats, regardless of its title or its URL