Check your installation

Check your installation

  1. Go to your site and click on 'Refresh' on your browser menu bar.
    Note: if you have chosen to make the counter 'visible' when creating your account you will now see it appear on your page.

    • If you are not happy with the counter's appearance, you can either make it invisible or change the counter style in the Web-Stat Control Panel

    • If you like the way the counter looks but need help in positionning it precisely on your page, click here

  2. click on 'Check Stats' in the Web-Stat menu bar and log in, then click on the 'last 100 visits' report: you should see one (or several) lines in the report showing your own visit to your site.

If the reports have properly initialized then your installation was successful: congratulations !

If the stats remain empty:

Problem resolution

If the stats remain empty, you most likely made an error while copying the code, or your HTML editor has modified it while adding it to your site. This is by far the most common reason for any problem. You can verify this easily:

  1. Load your web site in your browser

  2. Right-click anywhere on a text portion of your site and select 'view source' from the popup menu that will appear at your cursor's location

  3. A window appears that contains the HTML code for your web page

  4. Locate the Web-Stat code in your HTML and compare it with the code we issued. If there is any difference, then the code on your site is invalid and won't work

  5. Adjust the code on your site so that it is strictly identical to our code and you should be just fine

If your HTML editor is acting up and modifying our code when inserting it onto your page, make sure that you are using the editor in 'HTML mode' (if there is one).

If your editor won't let you install the Web-Stat code properly on your page, then use the simplified version of the code instead : it is much easier to install and much more fault-tolerant.