Screen Sizes

what type of screen is my site viewed with?

Web-Stat automatically tracks the screen sizes used by visitors to view your site. The report can be seen with the complete screen sizes, or grouped by screen width, regardless of screen height

The reports include, for each screen size:

  • Time on Site. This measures visitors engagement with your site and goes hand-in-hand with the average visit depth metric (below). Usually the higher the average time on site, the better.

  • Visit Depth. The depth of a visit is the number of pages a visitor saw during his session on your site. Like time-on-site, it is a measure of visitors engagement with your site. Usually the higher the average visit depth, the better

  • Bounce Rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your site and leave after seeing only one page. In the case of bounce rates, lower is better. A low bounce rate indicates that (1) your landing page is good at engaging the user and retaining his attention and (2) the referrer traffic is targeted to what your site offers. In other words people did not find you by mistake and clicked back: they were indeed searching for the information you make available.

  • Conversions. The conversions for this particular type of equipment, as raw numbers or as color-coded percentage of the traffic. To display the conversions menu, click on the check mark in the top menu bar.

For your convenience, the time-on-site, visit depth, bounce rate and conversions percentages columns are color-coded to identify deviation from the site's average. Pink cells indicate results worse than average while green cells indicate results better than average. The deeper the color the greater the deviation from average. Some cells are colored yellow, meaning that there is not enough data to make them statistically relevant.

The three metrics above are used to make sure that there is no screen size for which your site is performing poorly. There are no right or wrong values for bounce rate, time on site or visit depth, however, if you notice that this metrics are in the pink (or red) zone for a particular screen size (or screen width) then it may indicate a design issue for your site under these viewing conditions. Try to get your hands on that particular equipment and view your site with it to make sure everything is OK.

There are three reports available:

  1. Screen sizes:
    Screen sizes

    This listing shows the cumulative number of visits from all the screen sizes used to view your site during the selected period. Previous months data is available from the archive bar above the report

  2. Screen widths:
    Screen widths

    This listing shows the cumulative number of visits from all the screen width used to view your site during the selected period, regardless of the screen height. Previous months data is available from the archive bar above the report

  3. Screen sizes of individual visitors:
    Screen sizes of individual visitors

    The last column of the Visitors Details report shows an icon that is scaled to represent the screen size of the individual visitors.

Important Notes :

  • Screen size detection will not work if you are using the simplified version of the Web-Stat code. The standard or advanced version is required.