Cumulative page views

This report shows the cumulative [ page views ] on your site for the current month. Previous months data is available in the archive bar above the report.

A page view is recorded every time one of your pages with the Web-Stat code on it is loaded or reloaded. For that reason the number of page views is always greater than the number of unique visitors. Note that if a page on your site received no traffic it will not appear on this report.

Pages in the left-most column can be recorded by Web-Stat, then listed in different ways :

  • using their URL (
  • using the page title as it appears in the header (widget presentation)
  • using a name that you specify yourself (widget_page1)
For more details on this please see these instructions on how to name pages

Along with the number of page views, we also record the average time spent by visitors on each page.

Note that if your entrance pages are shown by URLs and if your URLs contain query strings (a question mark followed by a string of characters) we will by default remove the query string and group similar URLs together for the sake of clarity. If you need to distinguish between all the different query strings then you'll need to name your pages using either a custom name, or the page title, per these instructions