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Monthly page views

what do my visitors look at?

Page views report example

This report shows the cumulative page views on your site for the current month. Previous months data is available in the archive bar above the report.

  • A 'visit' or 'session' is started when a visitor opens your site in a browser. It is terminated when that same visitor (defined by his IP address or a cookie) has been inactive for more than 30 minutes. If the visitor comes back to your site after more than 30 minutes, a new session is counted.

  • A 'page view' is counted whenever a visitor loads one of your web pages inside a browser (providing that the Web-Stat code has been installed on that page). During a single 'visit' or 'session' a typical visitor will view several pages, incrementing the page views count each time (which is why the number of page views is always higher than the number of visits for a given day).

Pages can be listed in different ways (use the menu above the report):

Note that if your entrance pages are shown by URLs and if your URLs contain query strings (a question mark followed by a string of characters) we will by default remove the query string and group similar URLs together for the sake of clarity. If you need to distinguish between all the different query strings then you'll need to name your pages using either a custom name, or the page title, per these instructions

The Monthly Page Views report also includes the average time spent on each page by visitors. This measures visitors engagement with the page. Usually the higher the average time on page, the better.

For your convenience, the time-on-page column is color-coded to identify deviation from the site's average. Pink cells indicate results worse than average while green cells indicate results better than average. The deeper the color the greater the deviation from average. Some cells are colored yellow, meaning that there is not enough data to make them statistically relevant.

Note that your total page views over time can be seen in the traffic over time section of the main Stats Menu. Here is what it looks like:

Page views report example 2