Web-Stat's Connection Counter

how many people on your site right now ?

Web-Stat's Connection Counter lets you display the number of people currently connected to your site. For instance:

There are currently visitors connected to the Web-Stat site

The counter is live. Wait a few seconds to see its value change as people connect and disconnect

The counter can be styled with CSS. Choose your font style & size, color, etc.

All you need to do is add to your page some text like 'currently x people online' (or whatever text you wish to use) then replace the 'x' in the text with the very short script that we give you below. The script will display the number of current active connections on your site as a text number, which means that you can format it in any way that you see fit (color, font size, font type, etc.)

For the Web-Stat's Connection Counter to work, three conditions must be met :

  1. You must have a Premium account. If necessary you can upgrade here

  2. The Web-Stat tracking code must be installed on all of your web site's pages

  3. You must be able to use JavaScript on your site.

If these conditions are met you can get the Connection Counter script for your account below

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Note that you can style the 'connection_counter' div with CSS any way you want to. This way the counter will blend perfectly into your text. For instance:

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