How to track your affiliate referrals

You can track your referrals activity with great precision by adding an ID string in your affiliate URL. This string will be recorded as soon as visitors you send access our site.

This is particularly useful if you advertise your Affiliate URL on pay per click engines, since it will allow us to show you exactly which ads lead to conversions into free trial accounts and which ads result into registered (paying) accounts.

The format is as follows:

The 'keyword_string' can contain only alphabetical characters, numbers or underscores (no blanks or spaces)


you are advertising on Adwords, using two different ads and you want to know how much each one is contributing to your Affiliate's revenues. In order to find out, simply direct each ad to a different version of your affiliate's URL as follows :

When you later go and review the accounts that were created through your Affiliate URL, we will show you how many originated from the first ad and how many originated from the second ad. This will allow you to allocate your advertising budget with near 100% efficiency.