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Make sure that your site is always up and running:
Is your site always up and does it load quickly? We can answer that question and alert you immediately via email or text if we detect a problem. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every 15 minutes, our server will attempt to connect to your site. If it succeeds it will record the time it took to establish the connection. If it fails, it will immediately send you an alert email (or text). The connection data is then collected over time and presented in additional reports.

Get 1,000 lines of individual visitors history:
With Web-Stat PREMIUM you get to keep your detailed traffic log files 10 times longer than with the 100 lines available on basic accounts.

Observe visitor's behavior inside your site:
Basic Web-Stat allows you to monitor the traffic that reaches your site from the outside. With Web-Stat Premium you go further and follow your visitors inside your site to see what they do, what pages they go to, how long they stay on each page and where they leave your site from.
  •  Bounce rates:Is your site good at retaining visitors? How many of them leave after seeing just one page? What is the quality of the traffic sent to your site by your referrers and marketing campaigns? The bounce rate is a key metric that will answer these questions for you.
  •  Page views:follow the evolution of your number of page views over time, see what pages are most popular and how long visitors spend on each page.
  •  Click-Path analysis for individual visitors:look at your last 1,000 visitors, and find out exactly what each one of them did inside your site.
  •  Average behavior of site's visitor:this report shows you in percentage terms where your visitors enter your site, where they go to from any given page, and from which page they leave your site.
  •  Time on site:See how long visitors stay on your site as a whole, as well as on individual pages. This metric measures the exact time spent actively looking at your pages, not just how long your site was opened in someone's browser.

Track conversions and return on investment:
If you advertise your site, we will keep track of the conversions for you automatically, you will then be able to use this data to calculate your exact return on investment (ROI) for every single one of your ads including Adwords, Yahoo, or any other referrer that you work with.

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