Is Web-Stat missing visitors?

Why is my other tracking tool recording more visits?

Our job is to record the traffic on your web site. And when we say 'traffic', we mean 'human visitors'.

Most people do not realize that the vast majority of Internet's traffic, on any and all sites, is made up of robots and spiders checking and indexing every page in sight, for various purposes.

Because of this fact, we have to go to great lengths to discard all these artificial visits so that they do not pollute your stats. Filtering with accuracy is not an easy task and many other analytics systems do not filter for bots, or not as much. As a result they may report MORE 'visits' than us.

Although at first glance this might be more satisfying, it gives you an incorrect view of your actual traffic.

Web-Stat is extremely precise and reliable. We record ALL your human visitors.


Many analytics providers (including Google Analytics) do not comply with the newer browsers 'Do Not Track' policies . As a result they are prevented from loading on these browsers and they can not count the people who use them.

Web-Stat is in compliance with that policy, as such it is allowed to load on ALL browsers.