Average Click Paths

how do my visitors navigate my site?

click-paths report example

This report shows, for any given page, the number of clicks from that page to other pages in your site during the current month. Previous months data is available in the archive bar above the report.

If you look at a specific page on your site and wonder where people are clicking to (from that page) and in what proportion, simply look at the average click-path report for the answer.

The report starts by displaying the pages that people reach when first coming to your site from the outside (in essence at this stage this is the same as the 'entrance page report'). From there you can click on the arrow in the 'next click' column and see where people (on average) went to from the page you selected. You can keep on going this way and follow your visitor's average paths inside your site.

You can also backup by using the arrow in the 'previous click' column and show, for any given page, what URLs people reached that page from and in what proportion.

This report is similar in nature to the individual click-paths displayed in the 'detail of recent visitors' report, with the major difference being that we are looking at average behavior here, not at specific individuals.

Pages in the left-most column can be recorded by Web-Stat, then listed in different ways :

For more details on this please see these instructions on how to name pages

Note that if your entrance pages are shown by URLs and if your URLs contain query strings (a question mark followed by a string of characters) we will by default remove the query string and group similar URLs together for the sake of clarity. If you need to distinguish between all the different query strings then you'll need to name your pages using either a custom name, or the page title, per these instructions