Bounce Rates

What are they ?

The bounce rate reflects both the quality of your traffic and the capacity of your site to retain this traffic. It measures the percentage of people who come to your website and leave right away after seeing no more than one page. Typically a high bounce rate would be caused by two factors :

  • Poorly targeted traffic : People come to your site but they are not looking for the service/product you are offering so they leave. Site design is not an issue in this case. The marketing strategy is what needs to be adjusted.

  • Poorly designed entrance page : People come to your site for the right reasons but the page they see upon arrival does not do a good job of convincing them to stay. They take a look, then leave. In this case, page design is what must be addressed.

We measure your site's bounce rate in four different ways :

1 ] Daily bounce rate for the entire website :

Have you made changes to your site recently ? If your bounce rate goes down afterwards it's a sure way to confirm that the changes are having a positive impact and that your site is better at retaining visitors. Daily bounce rates can be seen in the daily traffic reports when accessed from the main stats menu

2 ] Bounce rate per referrer :

This helps you figure out if some referrers are sending you bad traffic compared to others. Do you need to re-evaluate relationships with sites that are not sending you high quality traffic ? Are your email, affiliate, other marketing campaigns yielding low bounce rates? This metric will help you answer these questions. Bounce rates per referrer can be seen in the referrer summary report when accessed from the main stats menu

3 ] Bounce rate per keyword :

The bounce rate per keyword tells you what keywords are helpful in bringing traffic inside your site and which keywords should be avoided. You should pay special attention to this metric if you are bidding for keywords on pay-per-click search engines. Bounce rates per keywords can be seen in the keyword summary report when accessed from the main stats menu

4 ] Bounce rate per entrance page :

People may enter your site through a variety of pages ; the bounce rate per entrance page helps you figure out which pages are good at retaining traffic and introducing the visitor into the site, and which ones are leading them away. If a page has a high bounce rate, you need to evaluate its contents : is it optimally organized ? Does it contain the right calls to action ? Bounce rates per entrance page can be seen in the entrance pages report when accessed from the main stats menu

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