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Administrative and Billing Issues
1 ] I have lost my user ID and/or password[ open ][ close ]

You can recover a lost password or user ID (or both) from this form

2 ] How much does Web-Stat cost ? What are the differences between account types ?[ open ][ close ]

We offer four types of accounts : 'basic' at $5.00 per month, 'plus' at $7.50 per month, 'premium' at $9.50 per month and 'free trial'

  • A basic account will monitor your incoming traffic (number of visitors, referrers, keywords, geographical location, etc.) but does not follow your visitors inside your site to record their behavior, so reports like 'page views' and 'click-paths' are not available.

  • The plus account is similar to the 'basic' account, but it includes the Web-Stat Uptime Monitoring, which attempts to connect to your site every 15 or 30 minutes to verify that it is up and running normally (if it is not it alerts you via email and cell phone text messages). Also, the Uptime Monitoring measures the time it takes to establish a connection to your site and presents that information in additional reports (average connect time per day, per month, per day of the week and per hour, average uptime per day, per month, per day of the week and per hour).

  • The premium account includes all the above stats. It will also follow your visitors inside your site and record their behavior (click-paths, page views, time spent on each page, conversions, bounce rate).

    A premium account will also give you a connection counter, which allows you to display the number of people connected to your site in real time. For instance we are using it here to show you that right now visitors are connected to the Web-Stat site.

  • The free trial is equivalent to a 'premium' account and it will work for 30 days. It can be made permanent (without losing the existing stats) simply by 'registering' it: use the link on the menu bar or click here. If you do not register your free trial within 30 days, it will expire and be deleted automatically

For more on these different programs, please see this page which summarizes the differences between account types

3 ] How many sites can I monitor with one account ?[ open ][ close ]

One Web-Stat account is designed to monitor the traffic on one web site. If you need to monitor several sites, then you should create several accounts with us. Note that quantity discounts are available if you own more than four acounts.

Once you have created/registered your first account, you can create additional ones from the Settings Panel (click on [ add an account ] in the first section)

4 ] Do you offer quantity discounts ?[ open ][ close ]

Yes, if you have several accounts with us and pay for them with the same credit card you will get quantity discounts of up to 50% : see details here.

Note that you can create your accounts one at a time : when we charge you each month we will find out how many accounts are being paid for with the same card and automatically calculate the appropriate discount.

5 ] How can I update the credit card that is used to pay for my account(s) ?[ open ][ close ]

You can update your credit card information securely online ; all you have to do is:

  • click on the 'Settings Panel' tab
  • log in
  • click on 'update' next to 'credit card' in the top section
  • update the credit card information

Note that for your security your credit card number and ID code are not stored online, so they will not appear on the update form.

6 ] How can I cancel my account ?[ open ][ close ]

If your account is a free trial, you do not need to cancel it : it will expire automatically after 30 days and there is nothing for you to do.

If you have a permanent (paying) account with us and wish to discontinue our service you can do so at any time, no questions asked : simply contact us with your user ID and password requesting that we cancel your account. We will proceed and send you a confirmation within 24 hours.

Your cancellation request must reach us at least two (2) business days before the last day of the month otherwise you will be charged for the next billing period. NOTE THAT WE DO NOT REFUND PRORATED FEES FOR UNUSED OR CANCELLED SERVICE.

7 ] How will your charges appear on my credit card statement ?[ open ][ close ]

Our monthly charges will appear on your credit card statement as either :

8 ] What payment options do I have ?[ open ][ close ]

When you sign-up for a full account (or register a free trial account) you can choose between:

  • monthly credit card charges (recurring)
  • monthly Paypal charges (recurring)
  • one-time credit card payment for a 6 or 12-month subscription (not recurring)
  • one-time Paypal payment for a 6 or 12-month subscription (not recurring)
  • one-time check or money order payment for a 6 or 12-month subscription (not recurring)

If you choose the check or money order option, your account is immediately registered and an invoice is sent to you via email. You then have 10 days to send us your payment.

Please see also this page

9 ] I have several accounts : how can I list them all ?[ open ][ close ]
  • click on the 'Settings Panel' tab
  • log in
  • click on 'view details' in the first section
10 ] How can I change my password ?[ open ][ close ]

You can change your password at any time from the Settings Panel for your account (login then click on 'passwords settings'. There are two types of passwords :

  • the admin password : it allows access to both the stats and the Settings Panel

  • the guest password : it allows access to the stats only. Guest login is useful if you want to give access to your traffic data to someone else without relinquishing control of the account.

11 ] Can I change my user ID ?[ open ][ close ]

We can easily rename your account for you : please contact us and give us your current user ID and two choices of a new user ID (in case your first choice is already taken).

As soon as we receive your message will will rename your account and confirm

12 ] I am moving my site to a new domain : what do I need to do ?[ open ][ close ]

There are only two things that you need to do:

  • Update the URL of the monitored web site in the Settings Panel (log in, then click on 'Administrative settings')

  • Verify that the Web-Stat code is installed on the new site so that visitor monitoring can continue uninterrupted

13 ] How can I upgrade my account ?[ open ][ close ]

You can upgrade your account at any time from the Web-Stat Settings Panel (click on 'Administrative settings').

14 ] How can I downgrade my account ?[ open ][ close ]

You can downgrade your account at any time: simply contact us with:

  • your user ID
  • your password
  • the level at which you want to downgrade the account

We will proceed with the downgrade and send you a confirmation within 24 hours of receiving your message.

15 ] Currency Converter[ open ][ close ]

Convert any amount in any currency quickly with real-time rates: Currency converter